Green Small Orginisation of the year

DJ Beat Bikes

Check out our latest product! We recently added a new line of promotional vehicles called Beat Bikes. Our new pedicabs come decked out in a mobile DJ rig and personal disc jockey. The pedicab also simultaneously generates it’s own environmentally friendly power source. It also comes with a professionally crafted DJ mixing desk as well as magnificently crisp 800 watt speakers for amazing audio sounds. You can provide your own DJ or we can save you the energy and supply one for you. Setting them on the street takes no more than five minutes, therefore saving you valuable time. And last but not least, our units can be fully branded with your desired advertising message which makes it ideal experiential campaign and on street promotion.

So to recap, here’s what you would get out of our Beat Bikes promotional vehicles:

– Our set up takes minutes, therefore saving you valuable time. 
– A Beat Bike comes decked out in a mobile DJ rig, personal disc jockey, and 800 watt speakers.
– Enjoy a unique attention-grabbing form of advertising 

Beat Bikes

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