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Rent our Promo Bikes for Parades

Promotional Bikes for Hire this St. Patricks Day

Eco Advertising loves St Patricks day, and we want to provide you with the best experience possible so that you have a fun holiday this March 17th. Eco Advertising strive to provide the best experiential marketing campaigns with the use of our promo bikes.


st patricks day promo bikes

Our Adbikes are the promo bike to use, to deliver your message to the heart of the marketplace, be it amongst high street shops, or in a village or town centre . it provides the perfect backdrop for your St. Patrick’s day promotion wether it be drink or food sampling or creating brand awareness, this innovatively designed promo bike is the perfect tool to stand out from the large crowds on the streets of Dublin.

Its large two 6 sheet poster panels are visible from a distance and is the perfect vehicle to attract consumers to your event.  It also features an in built sound system to broadcast your message in public. The Adbike is a very popular bike to use for parades, using it as the leader of your group to grab attention to your brand. These mobile billboards have been used previously for the Pride Parade and is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day parade this year.

Sampling bikes

Sunny with a chance of clear skies…. The sampling bike is perfect for outdoor events. Primarily used for food and drink sampling it is ideal for selling an ice cream on the beach during the odd sunny day we see in Ireland. The built in refrigeration unit is ideal to keep drinks cool throughout the day during an event . The sampling bike is a very nimble vehicle that can be put virtually anywhere to attract crowds or bring the product to the crowds. this promo bike is ideal for all day events.


Eco Advertising are one of the few companies to own a promo bike as unique as this vehicle . The Beat bike is a mobile DJ unit equipped with 800 watt speakers and, two channel DJ decks. It is our most unique vehicle for experiential marketing that attracts the public to your event with its crisp and loud speakers. It is an ideal promo bike for companies wanting to throw a paddy’s day event and provides a great atmosphere to the party wether it be to attract consumers or for an in-house celebration.


We can also provide rickshaws as apart of our wide range of promo bikes, it is a very popular vehicle used to transport guests from one location to another. It is also a mobile advertising billboard that can be seen on the streets and roads of Dublin by all who are walking by. It is also suitable for transporting people who have mobility problems. The rickshaws have a large canvas to work with to design a billboard to your liking and specification. The rickshaws are ideal this St. Patricks day to transport your customers to and from your event. They are also available for both day and night time events.

We want to create a great experience for your company, and your customers this coming St. Patricks Day.

So if you’re interested in hiring our bikes, please contact us by phone: +353879676601 or email us at hello@ecoadvertising.ie to find out further details.


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