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Video Wheel Advertising


Video Wheels:

Eco Advertising offers promotional campaigns and PR opportunities with a brand new, ground-breaking advertising technology.  We provide a turn-key solution by offering creative artwork & video solutions, if required, promotional staff for nationwide deployment.

To raise or create brand awareness we use a combination of mobile and stationary advertising.

Stationary Mode:

For Stationary Advertising the video-bikes are lifted up on portable bike stands (see image below) while a special device spins the wheels playing promotional content.  These high impact advertising promotions attract passers-by offering an ideal opportunity for engagement with your product or service.  Our team can develop bespoke content, provide specification for clients to supply their own creative files on the wheels, and position stationary video-bikes at high footfall locations around the cities and towns of Ireland. 

Mobile Mode:

Advertising on mobile bikes involves a fleet of our ice-white video-bikes circulating in designated high footfall promotional areas.  The video-bikes travel with a speed low enough to deliver messages to pedestrians and car drivers while pictures and video on wheels engage passers-by, allowing for creating a promotional hype in selected areas.  Video Wheel is something new and very different, for earlier adopters will have a higher impact channel than conventional outdoor advertising, such high-reach campaigns are a novel method to raise or kick-start brand awareness in specific locations. 

Suggested promotional opportunities: (images to support)

Store Openings:

VIDEO-BIKES with videos and images on wheels target selected radius around the new store.  Stationary advertising sessions are carried out at different locations in the area, including the one next to the new store entrance.  Staff riders dressed in promotional clothing hand out promo material, interact with the public and direct people into the store.


City Events:

EYE-CATCHING VIDEO-BIKES with pictures on wheels are second to none for advertising at sports events, concerts or festivals.  Video-bikes with eye catching ads cycle around the stadiums, concert halls or festival areas with stationary advertising held at some crowded places within the premises.  The bikes create public engagement, convey green credentials & get core messages across to the audience.

Weddings & Special Occasions

Are you looking to pop the question?  Create the wow effect with the video-bikes.
Ideal for engagements, valentine’s day, birthdays, special occasions and private parties.

So how about a little Valentine’s Day trip for two on bikes with hundreds of hearts on wheels?
(Supported by Image)

Exhibition Stands

At conferences and exhibitions, stand out from your competitors and gain maximum brand awareness over your competing brands.  With logos and videos projected from the wheels, stationary video-bikes can offer unique marketing opportunities at exhibitions attracting visitors and increasing interaction.

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