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Ad Bikes ideal for Winter promotions

Ad Bikes Available for hire this winter

The weather is getting colder but it seems there’s lots of events on through the winter this year. It’s the end of October which means the return of International Rugby is just around the corner. With the return of Irish rugby to our screens, there will be plenty of people out to watch the matches and a-lot of people to target with your product and/or brand, the mass crowds making their way to the Aviva Stadium via the Dart station and the streets surrounding. Sports matches are an ideal way of marketing to mass amounts of people. Our Ad Bikes and Sampling Bikes are ideal for creating brand awareness. With it getting darker sooner, theres no need to worry as our Ad Bikes can be backlit for night time promotions.


Eco Advertising provide the ideal service for Companies looking to promote at mass crowd events as our Ad Bikes, Sampling Bikes and Beat Bike are a portable and easy solution

Not only is it the return of rugby. It’s also the beginning of the festive season with black Friday and Christmas, as far away as they seem, only around the corner. Starting on the final Thursday of November, with the Black Friday sales approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways of  promoting it. Eco’s Ad Bikes are ideal for creating awareness to the public by positioning them in almost any location.

Eco Advertising prides itself on being a sustainable, responsible and experienced company with industry leading promotional bikes. To enquire/book call: +353879676601 or email: hello@ecoadvertising.ie


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