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Why Eco Advertising Ltd.

At Eco Advertising Ltd we have several zero-emission promotional vehicles for Out Of Home advertising. Besides a fleet of promotional Pedicabs (Eco Cabs & Pedal assisted Trikes) we have Mobile Adbikes for 6 Sheet posters and battery operated Sampling units. We’ve also invested in new ground breaking OOH technology solutions for high-impact BTL tactical campaigns, check out our Video Wheels which were launched in November 2014 at the Web Summit.

Our FULLY INSURED fleet of road Legal vehicles will Promote, Engage, Shuttle & Convert customers

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Your Brand is safe in our hands!

Mission statement:

Create awareness of our clients brand while being conscious of our environment and natural resources and where possible reduce our carbon footprint. It’s our responsibility to use environmentally responsible procurement practices, new technologies, disposal procedures and to consider the whole life cycle of our campaigns. Sustainability is at the core of our thinking when planning, design, operation and decommissioning of all our services and operations.

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