Green Small Orginisation of the year

At Eco Advertising our Eco Cabs service is ideal for short distance shuttle service around Promotions, Events, Conferences and Special occasions like Weddings and Birthdays.  Depending on your budget, you can hire our vehicles for a few hours to several months. There is an opportunity to fully or partly brand our vehicles with your company branding and message.



Our vehicles are completely emission free, our Eco cabs deliver lean, green and clean on street activation for your brand.  By engaging with customers, offering free transport in towns and cities across the island of Ireland you have an opportunity to market to a captive audience while they are traveling in our vehicles.

Stationary Vehicles

When stationary our vehicles can provide a high impact on street brand presence in city centre locations nationwide which would not be achievable through other channels. While consumers are traveling in our vehicles there is an opportunity to advertise to the commuter through an informative Video, Audio advert or message, Sampling of product and Printed material.  Our drivers can also be on hand to assist in sign ups, registrations, sampling of products and voucher or premiums distribution.

OOH Advertising Channel

Our Eco Cabs provide an OOH advertising channel that can target consumers in environments and locations that no other OOH channel can.  An agile, mobile advertising channel that can be re-deployed and can react to crowd flow in high footfall areas quickly.

Do you want to make a big impression for your brand but with a small carbon footprint?
- Lean and green transportation
- On-street brand activation
- Helping to grow your brands community
- Mobile convoys in areas of high footfall
- Stationary advertising media channel
- Audio, Video and Printed marketed channels
- Produce sampling.

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Get in touch to discuss using Eco cabs or our Pedicabs for your next promotion or launch. We can bring your brand onto the streets.  We offer a nationwide service that can put your brand on wheels.
Grow your brand community with an Eco cab promotion.

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