Green Small Orginisation of the year

Using technology to save the environment!

– In Wheel Advertising

Fixed point Advertising:

For fixed point advertising, the video-bikes are lifted up on portable bike stands (see image below) while a special device spins the wheels playing promotional content. These flashy advertising performances engage around 80 per cent of passers-by offering an ideal opportunity for interaction with the public. Our team can develop bespoke content on wheels and position fixed point video-bikes at some busy places around the city.

Mobile Advertising

Advertising on mobile bikes involves a fleet of our ice-white video-bikes patrolling streets with the best exposure. The video-bikes travel with the speed low enough to deliver messages to pedestrians and car drivers while pictures and video on wheels fascinate passers-by, creating a buzz in selected areas. Clearly more impactful than conventional outdoor advertising, such high-reach campaigns are a novel method to raise or kick-start brand awareness in specific locations.

– Eco Cabs
– Pedi cabs
– Soy ink printing
– Ice Advertising

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