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Pedi-Cabs for Sale

Bikes for sale.

Eco Advertising are putting a selection of our range of bikes up for sale.

The Pedi-Cabs are fully electric bikes used for advertising campaigns, primarily to transport people from one location to another. the pedi-cabs are ideal for events located in a large area wanting to cover that area over a campaign of a couple of hours


For enquiries, Please call: +353879676601 or Email:  hello@ecoadvertising.ie


Pedi Cab bikes for sale Pedi Cab Bikes for sale


Ad Bikes for Sale

We have decided to put up our bikes for sale. The Ad Bikes have plenty of fantastic features, with two 6 sheet poster panels. The size of these poster-boards allows for campaigns to be seen from a distance. The Ad Bikes can be placed at the heart of the marketplace, amongst busy crowds.

The Ad Bikes have an integrated sound system so that campaigns or any functions can be accompanied by some music or audio message to reach the public from a distance.


The Ad Bikes can be transported easily, suitable to be put on a trailer ideally the size of a six-wheel trailer (dimensions).

For all enquiries, please call +353879676601 or email:  hello@ecoadvertising.ie


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